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Must have

I'm 5'2 and 130lbs I got a small and they fit amazing. I look so snatched in these shorts. I love the scrunch feature it really makes the booty look big

Alix Vargo
Maybe not for actual butts….

I know it’s a weird title. Maybe it’s just scrunch butt in general (this was my first pair ever) but the scrunch doesn’t actually go… like…. Into my cheeks which is what I think is supposed to happen. It still sits right on the outside and the seam is super visible. The butt shape of the shorts doesn’t really fit my butt even though I got the correct size I think….

I’m not bragging here or anything either. I’m 5’4” and weigh 133-140 pounds and just have the butt if someone with a 200# squat and deadlift, who works as a strength coach and has been active her whole life with a muscular butt that never used to fit into jeans back in the day. And, the shorts definitely roll up my thighs as I’m moving.

Regardless, I find myself in them still because I love this company and I always love the fabric and color. They definitely beat any other short I’ve had so far that is a tight short.

Best Scrunch shorts on the market

I’ve tried various brands but I swear nothing compares to these shorts especially as a girl with a lil butt they make my butt look HUGE it’s basically magic

taylor sommars

These are my favorite workout shorts, they make me feel comfortable and confident!


The color and fabric are both amazing!