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Sleep & Our Mental Health

Sleep & Our Mental Health Sleep- It’s something everyone does, yet most of us get too little or too much of it. So how does sleep directly affect our mental health and correlate with mental health illnesses?    Sleep plays a very important role in our overall health. It's the time for our bodies to repair themselves, recharge the mind leaving us energized, alert, and focused when we wake up. It helps strengthen the immune system to fight diseases and infections, improve memory, moods, and many other benefits. Without proper sleep there can be a vast number of negative side effects both mentally and physically.  Research shows that sleep has a bidirectional relationship with mental health. Meaning that bad sleep...

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Panic Attacks

In a split second, everything just changed. Your stomach drops and you feel as if the walls around you are caving in. Your heart starts to pound faster and faster, it’s starting to become harder to breathe and you’re overwhelmed with emotions.

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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders spoken about in our everyday lives. It’s our body’s natural way of alerting us to threats, danger or stressful situations.During stressful situations such as job interviews, financial concerns or even conflicts can trigger you to start feeling nervous, and quickly be overwhelmed with fear or panic. Anxiety tends to set on quickly and then we’re attacked with physical symptoms that may include rapid breathing, increased heart rate, sweating, or stomach pain.

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