Welcome To The Mental Health Movement

Thank you so much for the support. We're excited to have you on the team, and can't wait to raise awareness with you!

Welcome to the team!

Our Mission

"Building a community of individuals who strive to better each other's mental, physical, and personal health."

Next Steps!

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  • Within 24 hours you'll receive an email where you'll get to set up your login info.
  • This email will be sent to the email you provided during sign up. If you utilized separate emails during sign up/purchase it could take longer to verify your order.
    (Please make sure to check your spam box)
  • If you message us on instagram and we do not respond within 48 hours please email us info@vtlapparel.com (once in awhile instagram messenger has issues and they do not show up to us even if it's an open thread).

How does commission work?

Early Access to New Gear & Special Offers!

Please make sure to sign up for our email/SMS. The system will automatically segment your profile into the ambassador category.

You'll then be notified of all early access for new launches, ambassador only offers, and updates about Vital Apparel!

How often should I post?

  • Post once per month on your IG or Tik Tok feed tagging @Vital_Apparel
  • Tag us once per month in your IG story
  • We make sure to share all ambassadors tagging us in their story wearing a piece of Vital ON days we are sharing people. Some days we will not post ANYONE due to the instagram algorithm or during new product launches.
  • Add your code or custom link to your social media bios or link tree with @vital_apparel.
  • You are NOT required to make monthly orders or orders every drop. We only requrie to you to own at least 1 peice of Vital apparel to ensure you like our apparel! 
  • SOCIAL MEDIA BREAKS: Being an activewear brand who promotes mental health, we want to ensure you are prioritizing your own! If you think you need to take some time off from posting/being on social media please send us an email letting us know you need a month or 2 away from it to priortize your mental health. We completely understand that social media can be a distraction and sometimes negativaly impact mental health and we strongly suggest taking time away from it if necessary! 
Other Opportunities: Sponsored Athlete/Models

Everyone that works with us and starts as a brand ambassador.
You can level up by creating value for our business. We'd love to have you grow along side us.

As you continue to put in the work we always reward people that are putting in HARD WORK.

From there you'll be able to level up and get different opportunities such as being a sponsored athlete/models.