Clothing for a Cause: Vital Apparel’s Commitment to Giving Back!

Clothing for a Cause: Vital Apparel’s Commitment to Giving Back! - VITAL APPAREL

In today’s day and age fashion trends come and go, and consumerism often takes center stage. We believe it’s vital for businesses to recognize their potential to make a positive impact on society. At Vital Apparel, we've taken a unique approach by intertwining athletic apparel with a cause that's close to our hearts - mental health research. Our commitment to giving back stems from personal experiences and a deeply held belief that businesses have the power to create not only stylish apparel but also positively change the world.

The Heart of Our Mission

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to prioritize mental health awareness and research. We believe that mental health is a fundamental aspect of overall well-being, and it's an issue that touches countless lives. The statistics are staggering: around one in four people globally will experience mental health challenges at some point in their lives. These challenges can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, or background.

Our mission statement: Building a community of individuals who strive to better each other's mental, physical, & personal health.

Clothing for a cause: Our Unique Approach

Our approach to giving back goes beyond simply writing a check. We've designed our "Clothing for a Cause" initiative to be an integral part of our brand's identity. For every item purchased from Vital Apparel 5% of the profits is donated to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation every single month to further mental health research. This way, every customer becomes a part of this meaningful journey.

But it doesn't stop there.

We've also taken steps to integrate mental health awareness into our clothing designs. Our logo consists of the word “Vital” with an EKG line implemented in it to highlight the ups and downs in life and majority of our shirts feature subliminal quotes that advocate the importance physical activities have on one's mental health.

Why Mental Health Research?

You might be wondering, why did we choose mental health research as our focus? The answer is simple yet profound: research is the foundation for progress. By supporting research initiatives, we're contributing to the understanding of mental health disorders, their causes, and potential treatments. This research not only helps those who are currently struggling but also paves the way for a future where mental well-being is better understood and destigmatized. We chose the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation because it is the largest non-profit mental health research organization where 100% of the donations are used towards scientific research grants!

Our Impact and Future Aspirations

The idea of Vital Apparel was conceptualized in December of 2017 by the owners Hung and Alex. Since then we've been humbled by the impact we've been able to make from our clothing for cause concept. Our contributions have supported groundbreaking research projects, community programs, and awareness campaigns. But we're not stopping here. Our goal is to continue growing our initiative, expanding our reach, and diversifying our contributions to mental health research.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Together, let's proudly wear Vital Apparel, promote the positive impact fitness has on one's mental health, and create a world where everyone's well-being is a priority.

Suicide prevention line: Dial 988


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