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How to be a successful ambassador & become an athlete!

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Ambassador requirements

  • Post once per month on your IG or Tik Tok feed tagging @Vital_Apparel
  • Tag us once per month in your IG story
  • We make sure to share all ambassadors tagging us in their story wearing a piece of Vital ON days we are sharing people. Some days we will not post ANYONE due to the instagram algorithm or during new product launches.
  • Add your code or custom link to your social media bios or link tree with @vital_apparel.

Commission pay

  • Your custom referral code gives your followers 15% off their order and you will receive a 10% commission from each order using your code.
  • You will be paid your commissions between the 1st or 2nd day of the following month from when the orders were made.
  • Payments will be sent Via Paypal, Venmo, or cashapp (your choice).

Tips for success!

  • Talk about our brand mission and what we're all about!
  • Made a quick story video of you showing off your apparel and why you recommend it to your followers!
  • Share your code with your friends & rave about your apparel! Just posting a photo and tagging us isn't going to get someone to purchase with your code! Be creative!
  • Talk to people in your local gym and tell them about your apparel and recommend them to try Vital and use your code!

Become a brand athlete!

  • All ambassadors have the opportunity to become a brand athlete!
  • It isn't easy all of our athletes started out as ambassadors!
  • To become a brand athlete you must generate 10 sales with your code in a 30 day period!
  • Brand athletes receive free clothing every single month and get commission bonuses if they generate 10 or more sales every month!
  • They also have the opportunity to work with us at events and participate in photoshoots!